[Press News]Collaboration with SAP Japan and SAP partner companies

SHIFT Inc, announced its partnership with SAP Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Suzuki, hereinafter SAP Japan), as it expands market share as a market leader in the enterprise application software market, with the aim to accelerate the market introduction and advancement of SAP products.

1. Background and purpose of this collaboration
"SAP ERP" is an integrated core business operation package (ERP) provided by SAP Japan with a large number of successful introductions among major domestic companies. And the need for introduction and migration support is steadily expanding, as the expected transition to the new product "S/4HANA" approaches in 2027 when its operational support ends.

Upon launching new services, a list of major partner companies responsible for the development, data migration and transitional work was announced. SHIFT was chosen as one of the few that will support comprehensive testing, acceptance testing area, and PMO area to facilitate smooth transitions for enterprise accounts.

2. Project efforts will take place in the form of

(1) SHIFT consultants will be in charge of project management, PMO support, data migration support, comprehensive test including SAP and non-SAP areas, and acceptance test (UAT) working with user companies as direct customers.

(2) SHIFT professionals will be in charge of test design and execution of individual, add-on, combination, comprehensive scenarios under the control of SAP partner.

SHIFT group is excited to take part in this journey, and contribute to SAP projects promoting the digital transformation among enterprise user companies during S/4HANA transition, by making the most of our experience in various industries after completing nearly 1,000 SAP projects in the past years. At the same time, we are grateful for this opportunity for us to accumulate know-hows around SAP operations that will surely help create awareness and grow in the competitive market landscape.

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