[Press News] Jenkins Inventor Kosuke Kawaguchi is Appointed as Technical Advisor

Kosuke Kawaguchi, father of Jenkins(US) is appointed as technical advisor

SHIFT Inc., (Headquartered: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Dai Tange, TSE Mothers: 3697, SHIFT), is a software quality assurance and testing services company. We are pleased to welcome Kosuke Kawaguchi, Chief Scientist at CloudBees, Inc. and the creator of Jenkins, a continuous integration tool for software development (CI tool) supported by the company, as a technical advisor this time. With the aim of further growth of SHIFT, we will work with Mr. Kawaguchi to establish "a global standard" for software quality assurance and testing.

We have established quality assurance know-how and standards in Japan and continue to achieve annual sales growth rate of 150%.
Since starting the software testing business in 2004, SHIFT has been focusing on the "Made in Japan" quality that once swept Japan, incorporating Japan's advanced manufacturing quality into the software industry and expanding the business centered on domestic customers.

In addition to testing technology such as functional testing, test automation, vulnerability testing, etc centering on software quality assurance, we also provide services that match market trends such as Fintech and RPA to provide quality assurance know-how in a wide range of domestic industries. We have established the following standards and have maintained a sales growth rate of 150%.

Making wise use of Mr. Kawaguchi's technical capabilities and knowledge, we are looking at the whole world.
Since its inception, SHIFT has promoted the division of labor between "development" and "test" in the domestic software industry, and has solidified its position as a company specializing in software quality assurance and testing. However, in order to grow into a company evolving day by day in a market that is undergoing major changes, it is necessary to understand information and needs from a global perspective, develop quality assurance technology suitable for it, and expand services.

Mr. Kawaguchi, who is based in the United States, visits Jenkins users all over the world, talks directly with engineers, and touches the development style and culture of each country, and is committed to the further spread and improvement of Jenkins.

Ever since the company started the software testing business, it has built mutual relationship with him and has been proactively utilizing automatic testing to improve testing efficiency. This time, we will welcome Mr. Kawaguchi as a technical adviser, adopt his world-class development technology and knowledge, in order to improve our service level and realize business development with an eye on the global market.

About Jenkins:
Jenkins is an open source CI tool that can automate a series of tasks in software development, and is supported by CloudBees. Written in Java, Jenkins is versatile and is used by users worldwide to improve software release speeds, automate development processes, and reduce development costs. In recent years, continuous delivery has been applied to Jenkins settings, and it has continued to evolve.

Born in 1977. Established Swift Co., Ltd. in 1998 while studying at the Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo. Joined Sun Microsystems in 2001. He received a master's degree from Cornell University Graduate School in 2002 and returned to Sun Microsystems the following year. During his tenure, he developed a CI tool called "Hudson" which became the foundation of Jenkins. After that, he worked at CloudBees, a US provider of Java PaaS (Platform as a Service), and promoted the development and diffusion of Jenkins and related services and products as CTO. As the company's Chief Scientist, he continues to talk with engineers from various countries around the world for the purpose of popularizing their products and further improving them.

Personal Blog:https://kohsuke.hatenadiary.com/entry/shift-technical-advisor

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