Portfolio We Work With Clients Across Industries Globally

Client Verticals Examples of industry verticals we have successfully served

Success Stories Projects and solutions we used

  • Health Care Tech

    Globally known brand came to us to solve their internal testing challenges due to constant product updates. We decided flexible lab contract was the best way to instantly ease uneven testing and lack of skilled resources. It removed non-financial overhead and allowed client resources to focus on core business.

  • Travel Booking

    Many travel agencies and booking platforms operate with offshore development sites to meet fast changing needs of consumers. We were able to serve as the middle man inspecting requirements, improving operational integrity between teams and established quality assurance workframe.

  • Finance (ERP)

    Thorough testing and bug detection was needed during system transition to cloud software. Our team facilitated testing automation and drastically improved test coverage. Increased visibility of test process also contributed to cost savings and higher ROI.

Onboard Process How we guide you to success

  • Onboard

    First thing first, we would like to know as much as we can about your project and pain points, so we know how we can help you achieve ideal QA operation. Our sales representative and project manager with engineering expertise fit for your industry and product will be assigned.

  • Data Capture

    After receiving onboard request and consultancy agreement, we can start capturing data in order to analyze how the current processes can be improved on both technical and financial levels. We are happy to work according to industry standards and rules.

  • First Analysis

    First set of analysis will be ready for your review. Shocking findings and great ideas would be brought to the table. From there, we are be able to plan what is best for your organization and KPIs.

  • Estimate

    After a number of discussions, we finalize our proposal and submit an estimate with full visibility. Our strength, we do our best to come up with tailored solutions to resolve challenges like communication overhead, team training, scalability, time to market, test coverage, cost, automation and such.

  • Contract

    Upon signing a contract along with finalized estimate, it’s time to kick off our partnership!