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With large-scale manufacturers as end-users, this B2B wholesale and transaction platform helps enterprises find their ideal manufacturers and material suppliers through online catalogue and optimize purchasing cost with various functions.

To realize the ideal and efficient purchasing environment like punch-out catalogue for their clients, the company managed to push version updates to include new features.


Our client’s policy was to handle everything in-house as they were early in their IPO stage. However, due to constant changes to UI and new features added, the system started to see more and more critical bugs during integration phase while the development team tried to establish a system to keep up with the needs.

Under high pressure having have to maintain a reputation and competitiveness in the market as a startup, quality and bug-free experience was critical to the business. As they started looking for an offshore partner, their objective was two things: A) Software testing specialized firm with highly skilled labor in scale 2) Consult with automation specialist and conduct PoC for automation before full execution to take some load off internal core resources.


We were given a short timeframe of 3 months in total to inspect current QA scheme, perform integration test and conduct automation PoC. Priority here was to detect critical bugs before the next big update and build a sustainable testing scheme in coordination with delivery pipeline.

As a result, our team of 8 experts was able to find hundreds of bugs, mark them by criticalness, furthermore plan out a revised mid to long-term testing scheme working closely with their developers and project owner. (Test Design)

At last, through automation PoC, our experienced automation engineers handed over foundational knowledge and determine when would be the right time to turn to automation. Custom scripts created by our team proved the code coverage can’t be brought up to the level customer wanted due to constant changes made to the system at the moment. Essentially, what we advised is to push automation until later and instead prepared the team with data suggesting which features and scenario testing should be automated and what should be kept manual.




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