Test Automation Significant reduction in lead time, cost and quality of testing efforts

What Can We Help With?  

Repetitive tests are done manually and have no resource in-house to automate them.

Not sure which part of the tests should be automated and see no cost benefit trying to automate everything.

Unable to hire skilled automation engineers to write scripts in mass.

What was automated in the past no longer works after changes like new features.

Automation is somewhat deployed but unsure of its effectiveness.

Our Test Automation  

  • Purpose-fitting automation plans.

    Let's not make the mistake of trying to automate everything. Thanks to years of experience at SHIFT group, we have best practices across teams and our automation engineers would be able to consult and determine what to automate vs what to omit. In order to further cater to your project specific needs, we perform PoC before beginning the full journey on automation.

  • Identify the right tools and frameworks.

    Tools being used for automation testing include open-source solutions such as Selenium and Appium. But we recommend using All-in-one Automation Framework "Racine" developed by SHIFT to shorten time needed for initial setup and it is also packed with features open source tools simply don't have. Automation team can help streamline the best strategy with maintenance taken into consideration.

Our Differentiators  

Shorten Release Cycle.
Stabilize Delivery.

With our proven automation method, repetitive tests during deployment we don't need expensive human labor for will be automated. That dramatically changes overall productivity, quality assurance and stabilization of delivery pipeline.

Catch Bugs Early.
Minimize Costly Degradation.

By automating majority of the regression test cases, it automatically checks for bugs and detects degradation in no time that comes with any version upgrades that can result in costly mistakes if found much later.

Custom Scripts and Tailored Soltuions.

Methodology and perspectives differ in manual testing and automated testing. If existing test perspectives are applicable, our automation team can build automation scripts based off that and customize.

Top-notch Talent Pool and Tactics.

Experienced automation engineers are hard to come by. SHIFT ASIA has a pool of great talents and tactics that have supported a number of automation projects collaborating with our manual qa teams.