Test Design Highly comprehensive testing with carefully scienced "SHIFT 900" method

What Can We Help With?  

Quality of test design is inconsistent between test designers and developers?

Techniques and granularity differs from project to project and is the cause of inadequate testing?

Your developers executed tests but acceptance testing team later found many bugs?

Rework and repetitive testing is costing the project overspend budget and delay release schedule?

Skeptical of outsourcing QA because you believe offshore vendor lacks industry specific knowledge?

Our Test Design  

  • Standardized and Proven Methodology

    Based on inputs such as product specifications, business KPIs and expected coverage, we will identify a set of test perspectives suitable for the target and formulate custom cases. Rest assured - everything will be based off our proven methodology "SHIFT 900" carefully designed by our test engineers supported by more than 20 million cases and data points accumulated in the SHIFT group from over 15 years of experience.

  • Optimal Cost Performance and Test Quality

    Being part of the leading software testing giant, we have access to the fountain of industry know-hows and standardized best practices to realize the optimal balance of cost and test quality. We do that by speaking to your qa manager and determine which perspectives need to be prioritized so we can focus our testing efforts to the right areas within budget. Also, having multiple locations in APAC is an advantage, we offer top level service in collaboration at competitive prices.

Our Differentiators  

Flexible On-demand Testing.
Calculated Efforts.

Everything is calculated and you pay on-demand basis. Building on "SHIFT method", we identify the ideal test perspectives, technique, pattern and depth based on past bug reports and project specific data.

Reliable Results.

Our output is consistent with highly versatile test design method that can be applied to any software products. Results are reliable, trackable and easy to analyze via our own uniquely developed test cycle management tool.

Maximized Productivity.
For Development and QA Efforts.

Utilizing offshore testing resource would open up internal resource that can be allocated to core business. As well as tremendous contribution to release schedule when bugs are found and fixed early in the process.