Test Plan Bespoke test plan to best fit your project size and scope

What Can We Help With?  

Uncertain of best planning method and everything is done on the spot?

You keep encountering discrepancies during execution phase and can never meet deadline?

Current test plans seem to lack logic and not comprehensive enough?

In-house resources don't possess specialized experience and unable to customize per project?

Our Test Plan  

  • Identify "purpose" of testing instead of testing everything.

    Without identifying the end-goal of testing, the entire test plan can be ambiguous resulting in inadequate testing. At SHIFT ASIA, we don't just follow template. We extensively analyze the project, subject system and current qa scheme to identify the purpose and formulate a plan considering budget and other constraints. That should clarify "what to test" "who" "when" "how" and "how much".

  • Adjust per project and finish on-schedule.

    Methodologies and types of tests to be performed vary depending on the scale and system category requiring industry-specific knowledge. As each project has unique quality challenges, qa specialists strong in finance, ERP and different verticals will customize the solution and propose what is best for your project to minimize rework plus go beyond traditional offshore testing services often ignorant to schedule / budget goals.

Our Differentiators  

Effective interviews and consultation.

Problems recognized by current qa team may not reflect the whole picture and real problems. Our specialists will spend time understanding and identifying what needs to be addressed to build testing scheme that works in the long run.

One-stop solution from planning to automation.

In addition to manual testing, our full-cycle testing service covers upstream planning to test automation to maximize project ROI.
We highly recommend utilizing Automation in order to allocate key internal resources to core business than manual work.

Upstream involvement to align with all project KPIs.

To showcase our best ability, we prefer to get involved in early phase to ensure our solution is aligned with business objectives. Problems such as communication overhead among offshore vendors, inadequate test cases etc. can easily be solved with inspection and PMO services.