Web Vulnerability Scan High-quality and speedy web diagnosis enabled by standardized approach while keeping costs low

What Can We Help With?  

Missing know-hows to execute vulnerability assessment for owned website and products?

Unable to identify solutions appropriate for vulnerability and security concerns?

Can't find outsource partners with resource to address last-minute security needs?

Find it difficult to determine optimal cost for counter-security measures?

Our Vulnerability Assessment  

  • Reliable assessment made possible with standardized testing process

    Dependability on white-hat hackers and their level of experience is no longer the case. We invented standardized assessment program to identify any possible vulnerabilities in your system and provide reliable results regardless of who executes the tests.

  • Qualified white-hat hackers and experienced security specialists

    Our own certification program has only 6% pass rate. And only the ones with the certification and proven experience in specialized areas such as mobile, web and cloud applications are assigned to perform risk assessment. We are very proud of long-term partnerships and 90% returned business.

  • Guaranteed high scalability, productivity and short lead time

    Hiring cost of experienced hackers is surging while achieved results were often dependent on each hacker's methodology. In order to help solve scalability problems many organizations are prone to, our white hackers and engineers work in harmony to continuously re-invent standardized assessment program and deliver in shortest time.

  • 30% cost reduction and quality upgrade vs industry standards

    By respectively delegating "Execution" and "Judgement" parts of the assessment work to specialized talents, we increased productivity dramatically that enables us to offer top notch service at a much lower rate in comparison to market price. All reports are in accordance with internationally used OWASP, ASVS and MASVS.

Our Differentiators  

Clarity: Diagnosis items and pricing details in advance.

We would like to make sure you are onboard and have full visibility on what we are going to inspect. According to "Assessment Plan" documentation created at the beginning, our dedicated teams will execute so you know what you pay for. Our basic plan starts at $3,000 ~.

Bespoke: Propose the best form of diagnosis that match your requirements.

Our aim is to meet security needs that our clients didn't even know existed. We provide wide variety of services mainly for web/mobile applications and cloud. It ranges from platform scan, source code review, vulnerability assessment to end-point penetration testing.

Speed: Instant project launch in just 1 business day.

Revolutionizing the security testing process with standardization program developed by the best in the field. It makes it quite possible to launch and start assessment work immediately after requirement review and planning.