Jay Manh

Assistant Manager

JAY Manh joined SHIFT ASIA as a Full-Stack developer and quickly advanced into Assistant Manager roles that showed his technical knowledge and communications skills to help clients solve business challenges, launch applications, and move forward with digital transformations.

How I met

Before joining SHIFT ASIA, I used to work in various global companies including Eon Energy, and Uniper in Germany for 3 years. Afterward, I joined Oddle in Singapore as a Full-Stack Developer. The experience I gained working in different diverse environments has helped me improve not only professional skills, but also my communication and foreign language skills.

When the start-up in Singapore changed its business strategy, I decided to seek a new opportunity. Right then, a friend of mine who happened to be working at SHIFT ASIA introduced a job opportunity to me. At first, I only intended to challenge myself. Since then, the welcoming working environment, and friendly colleagues at SHIFT ASIA have kept me sticking around for over 2 years.

A daily life of
SHIFT ASIA daily life

Every business day at SHIFT ASIA always brings a lot of joy. My team and I often start the day with an internal meeting to exchange and update the project status.

After the meeting, usually I drink a cup of coffee and catch up on technology news as well as review the code that the team members have written. If any issue arises, I focus on solving it. When I have free time, I seek out new knowledge and skills.

The joy of working at SHIFT ASIA is that it feels as if everyone is a part of a big family. When I face a challenge or difficulty at work, my boss and colleagues are willing to discuss anytime for advice and help. It is also thanks to everybody’s support working alongside me in interesting projects that I managed to receive the Crazy Player of 2021 award. I will push even harder to deserve this recognition from the company and my teammates.

Message for you Message

If I have anything to tell future Developers, I’d say this: You should experience SHIFT ASIA for yourselves. SHIFT ASIA is an IT outsourcing company that can surprise you with lots of awesome experiences.

I can see many young people believe that the working environment of a Japanese company like SHIFT ASIA will be… strict. Only those who have truly experienced working here, however, can tell how special it is. Having worked in different countries myself before returning to Viet Nam and coming to SHIFT ASIA, I can say that the working environment has been comfortable and … warm.


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