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From SHIFT ASIA Hiring Team

SHIFT ASIA có định hướng nghề nghiệp rõ ràng, khách quan và gói phúc lợi cực kỳ hài lòng, thúc đẩy tôi đạt được tiềm năng tối đa của mình.
Văn hóa độc đáo, môi trường làm việc thân thiện và đồng nghiệp vui vẻ nâng đỡ tinh thần của tôi. Làm việc ở đây có cảm giác như Công ty là một phần cuộc sống của tôi.
SHIFT ASIA là đại gia đình của tôi.

SHIFT ASIA provides a clear, objective career path and extremely gratifying benefit packages which are factors that motivate me to reach my fullest potential.
The unique culture, friendly working environment and cheerful co-worker uplift my spirit. Working here feels like the company belongs as part of my life.
SHIFT ASIA is my extended family.

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SHIFT ASIA is the place where you can really utilize and sharpen your experience and abilities.
We’re waiting for you to become an active member of SHIFT ASIA
to become our best asset to become the best in the software testing industry.
We have already branched into other discipline of the IT industry. Please find below of the awesome opportunity offered.

Full-Stack Developer

Shift Asia is a leading company in Software Testing. We are building a new team of talented engineer to extend the software development service. We place the value of service quality on top of our priority; therefore, we are looking for exceptional full-stack engineers to join our new business software development team. The candidate must have strong technical expertise in front-end as well as back-end development. The candidate will work closely with customers to gather requirements,analyse and implement them into the product.

Employment Type
• Gather the requirements and provide sound solutions for the requirements.
• GUI development by utilization of new front-end technologies (SPA and PWA).
• Write efficient and stable code in support for the backend API.
• Work alongside with other engineers in teams to promote technology and ensure consistency in accordance with industry best practices.
• Provide recommendation for continuous improvement.
• Self-driven individual to work independently, yet collaboration as a team member toreach a collective team goal.
Required Skills
and Experiences
• Have experience in working within the Agile methodology.
• Have strong knowledge in REST API.
• Experience with backend API development by using one of the following programming languages: JavaScript (NodeJS), Java, Ruby, PHP, Python or Scala.
• Experience with JavaScript or TypeScript with ReactJS, Angular, or Vue.
• Experience with Docker.
• Experience with NoSQL database.
• Experience with Relational database.
• Familiar with AWS platform (EC2, S3, ECR, RDS).
• Experience with Scrum/Agile development methodologies.
• Communicate in English or Japanese.
• 13th month salary.
• Performance review and adjust salary twice a year.
• Quarterly and Yearly Awards for excellent employees.
• Payment for up to 6 unused annual leave days.
• Annual Health Check-up.
• Heath Care Insurance (PVI care).
• Compulsory insurances full salary (Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance).
• 11 public holidays, 12 annual leave days based on Vietnam Government regulations. 6 additional holidays based on Japanese calendar. 3-year-employee has 1 more annual leave day.
• Opportunity to work in Japan.
• Company Team Building Trip every year
• Company sponsored activities such as sports, dinning/drinking.
• Clear career path for career growth.

Project Manager(Japanese N2)

Employment Type
•Work with Japan customers to understand project requirements.
•Analyze project requirements, design optimal test cases follow SHIFT Japan’s methodologies.
•Assign tasks, support and manage team members.
※candidate must start with Test Designer position first
Required Skills
•Have experiences in Japanese projects as QA/QC, Tester, Developer, Project Manager, BrSE…positions.
•High management and people skills such as problem solving, negotiation, planning, reporting…
•Excellent at Japanese (equivalent N2 level), good at English.

Compensation and benefits

SHIFT ASIA has unique corporate culture, working environment and C&B.

  • Life


    • 10 public holidays, 12 annual leave days based on Vietnam Government regulations. 4 additional holidays based on Japanese calendar (Dec/31, Jan/02, Sea Day, Sport Day)
    • Company Team Building Trip every summer
    • Annual Health Check-up
    • Heath Care Insurance
    • Company sponsored activities such as sports and mingling
  • Work


    • Performance review and adjust salary twice a year
    • 13th month salary
    • Opportunity to work in Japan
    • Quarterly and Yearly Awards for excellent employees
    • Payment for unused annual leaves