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Privacy Policy

SHIFT ASIA Co., Ltd. understands the purpose of personal information protection laws, and we recognize proper use and management of personal information as our company’s responsibility. In addition to maintain this privacy policy, we ensure all employees understand the importance of protecting personal information and strive to do so as thoroughly as possible.

  • We will comply with regulations such as laws, national policies, and other standards, as well as a personal information management system that allows us to be reliable in our handling of personal information. Further, we will work to keep a current and thorough knowledge of regulations, and will disseminate information about regulations so they will be followed by our employees and business partners.
  • When we collect personal information, we will state clearly in advance how the information will be used, and it shall be a purpose that allows business to run more smoothly. We will only use collected personal information for this kind of purpose. If a situation arises where information would be used outside the stated purpose, we will contact users about the new purpose and use the information after receiving permission to do so.
  • We will not provide personal information to third parties without prior authorization from the users themselves unless required by law.
  • We have preventative measures and a reasonable security plan that aim both technically and organizationally to protect personal information from dangers of unauthorized release, loss, and damage. We also perform periodic inspections so that we may correct discovered violations, incidents or accidents quickly, as well as deploy preventative measures against any weaknesses found. We are thorough in our education of employees and business partners about security.
  • We will respond quickly and appropriately upon receipt of any complaints or questions regarding our handling of personal information or our personal information protection management system. We will establish and maintain systems and procedures to support a system that will allow us to respond appropriately at any time. Additionally, we place great value on the rights of the individuals to control their personal information, and will promptly disclose, correct, or erase personal information if requested to do so by the individuals.
  • In order to allow us to use personal information properly and to be thorough in our protection of that information, we will work to discover violations, incidents, accidents, and weaknesses and respond accordingly through monitoring and inspection to assess compliance with internal procedures. This is reflected in both our management plan and internal procedures, and we are continuously reflecting on and improving our personal information management system. Our improvements are based on regulations.
  • Please contact here for inquiries regarding our privacy policy.


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