QWhat is so unique about SHIFT ASIA?

Ability to Design Complex Test Base and Execute SHIFT group has carried out quality assurance for over 2,900 systems. With profound knowledge and know-hows, we are able to perform highly comprehensive and non-personal tests.

Human CapitalSHIFT group invented its own certification program called CAT. Only those with strong engineering background and passed the test are assigned to projects, while the company focuses on human resource development.

Intercultural SkillsIn addition to software testing skills and IT development, our employees have exceptional intercultural and language skills to support all clients regardless of background.

QAny restrictions with application languages when creating project documentations?

Currently our project managers, test engineers, developers and architects are able to provide service in English, Japanese and Vietnamese. And that applies to performing tests for applications or products made in those languages.

QWhat languages do you guys speak?

Aforementioned, our team members are fluent in English, Japanese and Vietnamese. Thus, daily reporting, documentations and all communications can be done in respective language,

QMinimum budget for project size?

It depends. However, smallest projects starts from only 1 engineer assigned to it.
We also handle projects as big as 10MM or larger.

QWould you be able to work on-site?

We serve 95% remotely.
Please consult with our sales representative regarding on-site needs in ASEAN region.

QI have an urgent project in hand, can you start right away?

Of course. Please inform our representative of your project details.

Still have a questions?

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!


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