RYU BUI, Director of the Software Testing Department at SHIFT ASIA, has 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

How I met

Before joining SHIFT ASIA, I worked for nearly 10 years at FPT Software HCM, where I held various roles, including Programmer, BrSE, and Project Manager. During this time, I was supported by the company to learn Japanese and travel to Japan to study and work as a BrSE, connecting the Vietnamese team with customers.

After two years in Japan, where the motto is “work hard, play hard,” gave me a deep understanding of Japanese quality standards. These experiences have shaped my current working approach at SHIFT ASIA.

A daily life of
SHIFT ASIA daily life

My daily duties at SHIFT ASIA include overseeing the implementation of plans to meet the company’s objectives and KPIs and resolving project issues and internal resources. I enjoy reading updates on the latest trends and news in the software production industry.

Message for you Message

I believe that to be successful at SHIFT ASIA, a dynamic IT outsourcing environment, one must have a solid understanding of information technology, be fluent in foreign languages (such as Japanese and English), possess a “quality” mindset, produce high-quality goods and services, and work with a professional manner. Additionally, one must arm oneself with critical and strategic thinking skills to further develop and enhance oneself.


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