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Webinar: Factors for Efficient MVP Development

Get your MVP right from the start: efficient development strategies.

Companies choose MVP as an economical go-to-market strategy regardless of startups or existing businesses. To accelerate time to market, MVP (minimum viable product) plays a crucial role in proving whether your product idea is ready for the market. A well-executed MVP gathers valuable user feedback, validates your idea, and helps you iterate toward a winning product.

In this jam-packed webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The true definition of a good MVP and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • The best frameworks and approaches for building a winning MVP.
  • Key factors to consider from ideation to launch.
  • The pros and cons of building your own MVP vs. outsourcing.

Dive deep into the essentials of MVP development, including:

  • Planning: Mastering project scope, setting goals, and building a roadmap to success.
  • ️Execution: Top tips for project management, stakeholder engagement, communication, time management, and navigating change.
  • Cost management: Strategies to optimize your budget and avoid financial pitfalls.

This webinar will be your roadmap to building the perfect MVP – a lean, efficient product that validates your idea, gathers valuable user feedback, and sets you on the path to success.


  • Date: 30th Jan 2024

  • Time: 3PM – 4PM GMT+7

  • Location: Online Zoom

  • Language: English

Key points

  • 1

    Impactful MVP and common pitfalls

  • 2

    Best framework approaches

  • 3

    Key factors to consider

  • 4

    Lean MVP development strategies

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