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Webinar – The Future of Software Testing

Today technology continues to advance, and the field of software is constantly evolving. Software testing is critical for software development in order to deliver high-quality, reliable software. We have witnessed the shift of Software testing from manual to automation to AI. Testing has become increasingly challenging as software becomes more complex and user expectations rise.  

Curious about what lies ahead? Wondering if AI will eventually replace testers? This webinar will explore the trends that are shaping the future of software testing. We will delve into the challenges posed by increasingly complex software and rising user expectations.  

Record of the webinar

Online Webinar: The Future of Software Testing

  • Date: 8th Aug 2023
  • Time: 3PM – 4PM GMT+7
  • Venue: Zoom

Joining us on this webinar, we welcome our honored guest speakers:

  • Daniel Knott
    Head of Product Quality Engineering
  • Kate Pham
    Director of Security Services and Skills Development

In this webinar, we will discuss various trends shaping the future of Software testing and how we should approach software quality assurance in the software industry.

  • 1

    Latest trends in Software Testing

  • 2

    Software Testing Market Outlook

  • 3

    Software testing vs. Quality Assurance

  • 4

    The right QA partner


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