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SHIFT ASIA becomes Platinum Partner of ISTQB Program

News Release Oct 19, 2020

SHIFT ASIA becomes Platinum Partner of ISTQB Program


ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is a not-for-profit Belgium-registered association and a global leader in software testing certifications. ISTQB® advocates for excellence in software testing and maintains a Body of Knowledge that allows testers to be certified in accordance with the industry’s best practices.

In order to promote the highest calibre in software testing, SHIFT ASIA management always encouraged its employees to acquire foundation to advanced level certificates. And SHIFT ASIA recently joined the ISTQB® Partner Program as a platinum partner alongside roughly 70 other companies worldwide. ISTQB partner program consists of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Global partnership types and Platinum status is exclusively granted to companies holding large numbers of certificates within the organization mentioned below – we currently have more than 5 advanced certificate holders thanks to diligent professionals.

◇ISTQB® partners are eligible for a level of partnership that is based on the number of certification points they have accumulated.

Platinum Requirements:
・ At least 30 certification points, earned through certificates held by employees or external consultants who provide services for more than 70% of their time.
・At least three (3) Advanced Level Certificates.

The program grants multiple benefits to its participants, including eligibility to receive the Beta version of new ISTQB® Syllabi with the opportunity to contribute to their review. More importantly, we believe joining the ISTQB® Partner Program allows us to play a bigger role in the software testing community with more structured approach, and SHIFT ASIA is proud to highlight that our service is in accordance with internationally relevant high-quality standards.

・List of ISTQB Partners:

・Read more about ISTQB® certification at

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