Outsourcing Guide & Checklist

Outsourcing Guide & Checklist

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Here, we have put together a brief guide on offshore outsourcing.

Businesses turn to offshore outsourcing for various reasons – localization & market competency, cost benefits, global delivery structure and else.

Regardless of being a first timer or not, you can always learn from other businesses’ mistakes and optimize how you interact with offshore resources.

This brief guide covers topics to help you understand different sourcing models and list of things you need to check off when selecting / evaluating a offshore development partner.

  • 01

    Outsourcing levels

  • 02

    Sourcing recommendations

  • 03

    Average pricing by geo

  • 04

    Summary of popular destinations

  • 05

    Common objectives

  • 06

    Winning Partnership

  • 07

    Selection Steps

  • 08

    Qualities in reliable partners

  • 09

    Managing offshore teams


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