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Software Development & Testing: Voice Recording App

Software Development & Testing: Voice Recording App

We solved quality issues and greatly improving UI/UX for an app developed in China

As a start-up company under a major IT group in Japan, the client planned to update a voice recording app that was originally developed in China and offered for the Asian markets.

Client Challenges

The client was developing a voice recording application with social functions for the Asian markets at an offshore development site in China. The app allows users to record and edit their own voice freely and also features social functions that allow users to exchange voices with other users and even collaborate with professional voice actors.

However, after its release, the app was found to have various quality defects, mainly in the UI/UX (user interface/user experience). As a result, they needed a major update including UI/UX. However, the requirements for the details of the functions had not been sufficiently defined.

With the top priority of improving the overall quality of the software, they reached out to SHIFT ASIA, which has extensive experience and knowledge in software testing and quality assurance.

Client Requirements

The client’s main requirements for the major update were as follows.

  • They wanted to achieve a UI/UX that would be easy to use for the many users who enjoy creating and communicating through voice.
  • Since they did not know what and how many errors existed in addition to the bugs already detected, they wanted to conduct extensive testing in a limited amount of time to identify as many unexpected bugs as possible.
  • Some UI-related functions were not satisfactory, and they wanted to develop additional functions.

What we have delivered

Based on the client’s requirements, SHIFT ASIA proposed a test plan centered on ad-hoc testing. Furthermore, We provided total support from requirement definition to design, implementation, and testing of additional functions, helping to improve the quality of the app’s UI/UX while detecting a variety of defects.

SHIFT ASIA helped the client develop both the mobile application and the web browser application. Our project members include one Japanese PM, one BrSE(Bridge System Engineer), three developers, and one test engineer, and we used agile development for both testing and development.

Tools and technologies used

-Spring Cloud

Solution Summary

-Software Development
-Test Plan
-Test Design
-Test Execution

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