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Workspace Booking App: MVP and Mobile Apps Release

Workspace Booking App: MVP and Mobile Apps Release

We support development of native Android/iOS apps with improved UI/UX

The following is a case study of a real estate service company that operates shared offices and rental meeting rooms, which have been in growing demand in recent years as a base for startup companies and satellite offices for remote work.

Client Challenges

The client provided a service that enables users to search for and reserve shared office space throughout Japan via a browser-based application. This reservation system had a full range of functions, including checking reservation status and usage history, as well as issuing smart keys for entering and leaving the building. They then planned to develop native Android/iOS apps for the service and worked with a system development vendor, but faced a number of communication problems that prevented the development process from running smoothly,

After struggling with that, they finally reached out to SHIFT ASIA.

Client Requirements

The client’s main requirements for the native Android/iOS apps were below.

  • They wanted to achieve an easy-to-understand UI/UX that is easier to use than the existing browser application.
  • Given that the system itself is based on the existing browser app, they wanted to proceed with the development of the front-end side using the back-end API.
  • Since the UI/UX needed to be reviewed and redesigned in a way suitable for a native app, they wanted to adopt MVP development so that they could proceed with development while obtaining verification and feedback from the earliest possible stage.

What we have delivered

SHIFT ASIA participated in the project by taking over the development of the application from the old vendor and promoted MVP development from the UI/UX design, customer journey, and creation of mockups.

Specifically, we adopted an approach of starting with the development of an application with the minimum practical functions and gradually increasing the level of perfection while obtaining feedback from the customer.

In addition, we built and provided a total support system from verification to full-scale development and testing processes, leveraging our knowledge as professionals in software quality assurance and third-party verification. As a result, we were able to develop and successfully release a speedy, high-quality native application for Android/iOS after a 10-month development period.

Tools and technologies used

-CAT(Integrated software testing management tool developed by SHIFT)

Solution Summary

-Software Development
-Test Plan
-Test Design
-Test Execution (Scenario Testing)


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