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Enhance Quality in Electronic Medical Record System Development

Enhance Quality in Electronic Medical Record System Development

This case study showcases how SHIFT ASIA helped a system development company with an overseas development base deliver a high-quality electronic medical record (EMR) system within a tight deadline.

Client Overview

Our Client, an offshore-based system development company, undertakes projects spanning various industries, including healthcare. They sought to develop an electronic medical record (EMR) system. While benefiting from cost-effective overseas development and a strong design team, the Client faced the challenge of lacking specialized testing expertise. Hence, the company needed an external partner specializing in software testing and quality assurance to ensure exceptional quality for their healthcare client’s EMR system.


  • Maximize system quality within a one-week timeframe and budget.
  • Offload all testing needs to a partner due to internal resource limitations.
  • Focus on integration testing to identify defects in connections between components.

SHIFT ASIA Response and Results:

In response to the Client’s urgent needs, SHIFT ASIA proposed an intensive one-week exploratory and ad-hoc testing approach. This approach focuses on crucial functionalities and leverages the unique perspectives of our experienced test engineers to maximize quality within the timeframe.

  • Exploratory testing: Our experienced test engineers, familiar with similar systems, explored the system’s functionalities, identifying potential issues from diverse perspectives.
  • Ad-hoc testing: We conducted ad-hoc tests based on real-world scenarios, uncovering hidden defects.

Our testing procedures revealed many issues during the defect detection phase, encompassing even high-severity concerns, thanks to our customized testing methodologies. We meticulously designed script tests from distinctive angles, drawing upon unique perspectives in our approach. These tests were invaluable in pinpointing critical defects that might have slipped through the cracks in more traditional testing protocols.

The outcomes of our testing endeavors yielded remarkable results. We successfully identified dozens of defects within the EMR system, a notable achievement considering the time-constrained nature of the project. Among these were high-severity issues, emphasizing the critical importance of our efforts despite the stringent one-week timeframe. Our tailored testing approach, coupled with the expertise of our seasoned professionals, led to a marked enhancement in the overall quality of the software. Moreover, we executed our testing activities efficiently, adhering to the allocated budget while thoroughly scrutinizing critical areas. Through strategic prioritization and the deployment of effective testing methodologies, we not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering invaluable insights and improvements to the Client within the specified timeframe and financial constraints.

By leveraging SHIFT ASIA’s expertise, the client successfully elevated the quality of their EMR system, addressing critical defects and meeting stringent quality standards within their constraints.


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