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What are the current trends? What shall be the next trends? We are repeatedly asked these two questions over the years. Everyone is curious to be in the loop and getting ready to ride the next trends, or looking forward to being the trendsetters. Either way, figuring out the technology and business trends have always been interesting. It accelerates business strategies to either adapt or move on, shaping the business culture and goals, empowering the employees to constantly get up to date and redefining their business process, software testing and quality assurance, and software development efficiently.

Without further ado, let’s get ourselves into the TRENDS and unpacks their impacts on the industry in the following articles.

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  • We asked Shift Asia for a skillful Ruby resource to work with our team in a big and long-term project in Fintech. And we're happy with provided resource on technical skill, performance, communication, and attitude. Beside that, the customer service is also a good point that should be mentioned.

    FPT Software

  • Quick turnaround, SHIFT ASIA supplied us with the resources and solutions needed to develop a feature for a file management functionality. Also, great partnership as they accommodated our requirements on the testing as well to make sure we have zero defect before launching it.

    Jienie Lab ASIA

  • Their comprehensive test cases and efficient system updates impressed us the most. Security concerns were solved, system update and quality assurance service improved the platform and its performance.