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As part of SHIFT group – Innovator in software testing
We accelerate standardization and automation in quality assurance,
collaborating with partners in Japan and all over the world.

Our Solutions Primary service categories to choose from

  • Test Planning

    Requirement Review

    Conduct requirement review and determine what solutions are best for you based on project size and KPIs. By planning ahead, we provide visibility to avoid hidden cost and delay in schedule.

  • Test Designing


    Using established test scenarios and perspectives built off large project data by SHIFT group, certified test engineers develop test design with no dependency and highest coverage.

  • Test Execution


    By QA specialized test engineers, tests are executed meticulously. Impromptu ad hoc and exploratory tests are also available with minimal cost.

  • Test Automation


    Automation acceleration support by our experienced engineers makes it possible to minimize cost and achieve shorter lead time.

  • Inspection


    At earlier stage of product development or update, our team can help detect discrepancies and enable smoother collaboration between product and offshore teams that determines the quality of all work.

  • Consulting


    From productivity assurance to operational problems with each product, quality assurance professionals analyze and propose a plan. They not only have experience in testing but also project management.

  • Security Test

    Security Assessment

    Thanks to our standardized technologies, security test is also made easy promising quality details, cost performance and speed. Reports are compliant to ASVS CVSS standards.

  • Software Development

    Offshore Dev

    Taking advantage of our abundant experience in quality assurance, we offer offshore development service – one stop solution for development and testing til release.

Service Highlights

How we deliver bespoke services

  • Standardized Process

    SHIFT group has its own standardized methodology and management tool, thus tailored and efficient services above industry standards are guaranteed.

  • Scalability

    From quick execution delivery to long-term quality assurance project, we operate on-demand basis. Highly skilled professionals are available to transform your product development operation.

  • Bug Detection

    With efficient system and test scenario management tool in place, we are able to detect more bugs, locate business risks and execute without human errors which our clients rely us on.

  • Total Cost Benefits

    You can expect cost savings and higher ROI as we visualize operation cost and prevent costly damages such as future system errors.