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Automate Large-Scale Testing: Ensuring Consistent Quality with Frequent Updates

Automate Large-Scale Testing: Ensuring Consistent Quality with Frequent Updates


The client offers cloud-based eCommerce services on a large scale, which requires continuous improvements and functional additions to keep up with the system’s growth and increased frequency of updates. Maintaining quality while managing costs has become increasingly challenging. Therefore, the client has enlisted the help of SHIFT ASIA, a renowned expert in test automation, to shift from manual testing methods to an automated approach.


Maintaining consistent quality for a large-scale cloud eCommerce service undergoing continuous updates proved difficult. Manual testing became increasingly time-consuming and expensive as the system grew and updates became more frequent, leading to quality issues slipping through the cracks.

Client Requirements

  • Utilize existing test cases to automate tests on current functions.
  • Review and enhance the quality of the existing test design documents.
  • Design tests are initially conducted manually for new features to address defects, followed by systematic automation.
  • Significantly reduce the time and costs associated with running automated tests to ensure the system’s scalability and stability.

SHIFT ASIA’s Approach and Outcomes

Test Automation for Existing Functions:

  • We reviewed the client’s existing test design documents, identifying gaps and errors.
  • Enhanced the comprehensiveness and quality of test cases by refining these documents and addressing overlooked areas.
  • Assured ongoing quality through manual tests based on the updated designs to catch and rectify critical defects.

Handling New Features

  • SHIFT ASIA took charge of designing and executing initial tests for new functionalities.
  • A dedicated automation team then took over to design and implement automated tests, strategically deciding which areas to automate.

Continuous Integration and Delivery:

  • Automated tests are triggered with every code change to prevent regressions amidst frequent updates.
  • Periodic automated tests across the entire system ensure the integrity of critical functions and workflows.
  • Despite the extensive scope of tests, scheduling them during off-peak hours (nights and weekends) allows for comprehensive system quality checks without disrupting daily operations.

Ongoing Improvements and Maintenance:

  • Regularly refactored test code to maintain quality and improve both the execution speed and maintainability of the test scripts.

Tools & Technologies

  • CAT (SHIFT’s Integrated Test Management Tool)
  • Jenkins (Continuous Integration Tool)
  • Selenium (Web Automation Framework)
  • Allure (Test Reporting Tool)
  • JUnit (Testing Framework)
  • Postman (API Testing Tool)


The strategic implementation of automated testing covers everything from initial document inspections and test design to the execution and continuous improvement of automated scripts. In this case study, we demonstrate how SHIFT ASIA’s automated testing, strategic approach, and expert guidance empower large-scale cloud eCommerce services to maintain consistent quality while undergoing frequent updates.


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