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Jul 25, 2022 Tai


The creative competition Hackathon themed on “Data is the new gold” was successfully held at SHIFT ASIA office after a month from idea development to the final presentation on July 2, 2022.

At SHIFT ASIA, we are always looking for ways to foster innovation and bring our teams together – especially while we are applying the hybrid working model. This event served as a great reminder of the passion that our employees have for the industry and professional growth.
After a month forming teams, finding ideas, and developing their own projects, 8 teams entered the final presentation round with excitement and confidence.

Event opening speech from SHIFT ASIA’s CEO – ITO RYUSUKE had kicked-off the Hackathon.

HellCoders team brought the 1st presentation with the idea of creating a tool called “CV Management” to manage Shift Asia’s CVs and Candidate’s CVs.

The 20 Million team shared their solutions to improve the speed of recruitment and reduce turnover rate.

3 members from UnderDogs team: QUINN, ZEN and SKYE presented the idea of building the Performance Benchmark for SHIFT ASIA engineers.

TOPHER from Full Stuck team was talking about the topic: Resume Matcher based on machine learning techniques.

With the interesting topic: Build the application to collect the data from stock underground forums to give investment recommendations to users, BIF team brought the crowd the funny atmosphere.

Baby Birds team entered the competition with confidence and an engaging presentation. Their ideas about implementing the chatbot system which uses the data to respond to the internal staff for their questions on diverse topics received many compliments from the Judges.

Confident presentation of NullPointer team about the solution for picking out the payable salary range according to developers’ information.

BEERF team presented the solution of Log Anomaly Detector to not only save time and cost but also prevent problems from problems.

Is it hard for the judges to find the winners of the competition? Maybe not ^^

NullPointer is one of 8 teams joining SHIFT ASIA Hackathon 2022 with their great ideas…

… to become the winner of SHIFT ASIA Hackathon 2022!

Don’t know how to react when being the winner of SHIFT ASIA Hackathon 2022?
Let’s NullPointer show you how ^^

After nearly a day of competition, SHIFT ASIA found the winning teams of our very first Hackathon event with the champion team belonging to NullPointer, Baby Birds as runner-up and the 3rd place for The 20 Million.

In addition, the Employee prize witnessed a strong rise with overwhelming votes for the HellCoders team.

SHIFT ASIS is a leading Software Quality Assurance companies, we are so proud of great ideas SHIFT ASIA’s members developed during this first Hackathon and for their continued commitment to our company values, innovation, research, and development. Whether we are in the office together, or operating under the hybrid work model, our team is always looking for ways to inspire each other and work together as one team.

Once again, congratulations to our first SHIFT ASIA Hackathon’s participants and winners!


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  • We asked Shift Asia for a skillful Ruby resource to work with our team in a big and long-term project in Fintech. And we're happy with provided resource on technical skill, performance, communication, and attitude. Beside that, the customer service is also a good point that should be mentioned.

    FPT Software

  • Quick turnaround, SHIFT ASIA supplied us with the resources and solutions needed to develop a feature for a file management functionality. Also, great partnership as they accommodated our requirements on the testing as well to make sure we have zero defect before launching it.

    Jienie Lab ASIA

  • Their comprehensive test cases and efficient system updates impressed us the most. Security concerns were solved, system update and quality assurance service improved the platform and its performance.