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Welcome to our special column revolving around Agile development, where things opt to change quickly and ideas adapt. Agile is a way of managing product development projects that focuses on working bit by bit, step by step, like how you would build a puzzle, putting one piece together at a time.

Agile is not just merely a development methodology; it’s the mindset that involves incremental progress and iterative strides towards project completion. Within its framework, projects unfold in short-term development cycles, emphasizing swift delivery, seamless adaptability, and the power of collaborative synergy over rigid top-down management and inflexible plans.

The Agile core fundamental is working around the concept of continuous feedback – a living dialogue that empowers team members to navigate challenges on the fly and provides stakeholders with a consistent platform for meaningful communication.

Let’s dive in and explore the hand-picked articles to learn how Agile, with its adaptable approach, changes the way software quality assurance works.

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  • We asked Shift Asia for a skillful Ruby resource to work with our team in a big and long-term project in Fintech. And we're happy with provided resource on technical skill, performance, communication, and attitude. Beside that, the customer service is also a good point that should be mentioned.

    FPT Software

  • Quick turnaround, SHIFT ASIA supplied us with the resources and solutions needed to develop a feature for a file management functionality. Also, great partnership as they accommodated our requirements on the testing as well to make sure we have zero defect before launching it.

    Jienie Lab ASIA

  • Their comprehensive test cases and efficient system updates impressed us the most. Security concerns were solved, system update and quality assurance service improved the platform and its performance.