DevOps Trends and Roles 2020 Business / IT Trends

Jul 01, 2020 Namiko

DevOps Trends and Roles 2020

DevOps roles, expectations and responsibilities

Last year, we saw numerous examples of successful DevOps initiatives across large and small enterprises and what should we expect for the rest of DevOps 2020 in post COVID economy?
More and more companies are starting to realize the benefits of agile in order to keep up with the mobile application usage, Artificial Intelligence ruling and constantly changing market needs.
Reflecting that, thought leaders and tech startups are arising in the DevOps community, and here we noticed the following trends that shape this year’s technological advancement surrounding the community.

1) Agile will increase collaboration between tech and business functions

We all know that Agile has been adopted in many functions including finance, human resources and procurement, and marketing. However, this doesn’t mean it has helped the tech side join forces with their colleagues in other functions. Because of the pressure digital is putting on organizations, we should see more collaboration across functions this year.

2) Training, learning, and improving DevOps skills is posing challenge

DevOps requires trying and learning new technologies. But, due to budget restraints, not many companies are able to always hire the top notch DevOps engineers every quarter. Some may think nurturing internal resource and making them experts makes sense as it can be difficult to measure DevOps skills. Some others may think it’s more efficient to work with companies specialized in DevOps consulting.

3) DevOps output will become more measurable and better defined

Yes, it’s true, DevOps people have been put in tough position as the whole world was confused about their roles and responsibilities. But a number of research institute has been established with the purpose of launching DevOps metrics that are meant to help both enterprises and individuals to verify their output and make data-driven decisions.

4) AI and ML adoption will rise, and we can’t ignore it

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) have been numerously rated as the most important technology of the next decade. Are they going to steal our jobs? No, there will always be a need for people who can build, manage, monitor and test new technologies. AIOps is already a thing and it will give DevOps teams the ability and tool to analyze more data faster, essentially allowing them to improve key processes, tasks, and decision making across functions.

SHIFT ASIA surely has its eye on DevOps, we have developed internal automation tools and tested how DevOps can help both our clients and ourselves.

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