What is TaaS All About?

What is TaaS All About?

What is TaaS all about?

Are we all caught up on the trending terminology in the tech world? TaaS stands for Testing -as-a- Service. And it is going to be a buzz worthy phrase for 2020, as market demand for quality assurance and testing automation increases.

Essentially, it is an outsourcing model, in which a service provider performs testing activities on behalf of software developing companies' employees. In the past years, TaaS has demonstrated significant benefits over traditional testing environments.

It is mostly because of the fact, both enterprises and SMBs are facing surging engineering costs, high-security demands and technical variability that has made the software testing function challenging. In such an environment, it is vital to assess and deploy the right methodologies to achieve team scalability, accuracy, minimize costs and meet the high standards. As a result, lots of businesses turned to companies that are specialized in testing and its automation.

What service does it include?

Unit Testing

Regression Testing
Acceptance Testing

Load Testing

And many others depending on the coverage and expertise of respective service provider. Some providers only focus on a fraction due to business limitations - here at SHIFT, we cover everything!

What are the benefits?

The list is long, but Test Coverage, Cost Savings, Scalability, Additional Expertise, Comprehensive Investment, Short Turnaround etc..


It is usually cloud based and very flexible, solutions work for both enterprise projects and smaller test execution. Especially by using a consumption-based pay model, you would see higher ROI, also there is less dependency and higher efficiency in the process. TaaS is a tool that aims to help any businesses remove their headaches around product management and quality assurance, it is definitely worth exploring.

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