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Optimizing Quality Assurance for Enterprise Integration Solutions

Optimizing Quality Assurance for Enterprise Integration Solutions

This case study demonstrates the value of SHIFT ASIA‘s expertise in optimizing Quality Assurance processes for complex enterprise applications. By collaborating effectively with internal teams and implementing tailored solutions, SHIFT ASIA could significantly improve software product quality and reliability, driving business success across industries.

About the client

A European company that provides software solutions for connecting various business applications like Exchange Secure Server, Blockchain Seal, and Dynamics 365. This complex ecosystem, encompassing diverse user roles and functions, posed challenges in accessibility and functionality, leading to usability issues and hindering business transactions.

Challenges & requirements

Due to the complexity of their solutions, there were many challenges:

  • Complex Integrations: Connecting various business applications with diverse accessibility and functionality requirements led to testing challenges.
  • Deficient Internal Testing: Issues with the nearshore team’s internal testing and verification processes caused functional problems impacting usability and critical business transactions.
  • Beta Version Testing: The need for robust functional testing of the beta version with new features added further pressure to the already strained QA process.

SHIFT ASIA’s approach

The team proposed a multi-phased approach:

  • Test Design and Optimization: Conducted a test perspective review, identifying critical areas for testing based on business and product needs. Customized and optimized the existing test methodologies.
  • Functional Testing: Executed comprehensive functional testing, including exploratory testing, across the integration/acceptance phase.
  • Analysis and Reporting: Performed thorough test results analysis and categorized bugs based on the SHIFT method for efficient prioritization and resolution.
  • Regression Suite Establishment: Developed a sustainable regression suite for long-term quality assurance.

Results and Impact

Despite initial discrepancies between business and product priorities regarding test targets, the SHIFT ASIA’s team approach impressed the client. By adopting the comprehensive test design, SHIFT-based bug categorization, and regression suite into the client’s internal QA processes, SHIFT ASIA’s team successfully optimized the existing QA procedures and instilled long-lasting improvements.

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