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From Ad-Hoc to Automated: Improving Healthcare Software Quality with SHIFT ASIA

From Ad-Hoc to Automated: Improving Healthcare Software Quality with SHIFT ASIA

Ensuring patient safety and user satisfaction in a B2B SaaS platform for home-visit care and nursing businesses despite lacking in-house QA expertise and a documented testing strategy.

About the client

A dedicated B2B platform empowering healthcare professionals with efficient scheduling, communication, and collaboration tools.

Challenges & requirements

A B2B SaaS company offering management systems for home-visit care and nursing lacked in-house software testing expertise and a dedicated quality assurance (QA) system. This led to frequent bugs and user complaints. Unorganized system specifications further hindered quality control.

Pain Points:

  • Unreliable Quality: Ad-hoc testing by development engineers led to frequent bugs and user complaints, jeopardizing patient care and platform trust.
  • Unclear Specifications: Unsystematic documentation made understanding system functionalities and verifying proper functioning difficult.
  • Resource Efficiency: Limited testing resources must be optimized for maximum coverage and minimum effort.


With no in-house QA expertise and undocumented system specifications, the client decided to build a comprehensive QA system before setting sail. This meant tackling three key challenges:

  • Demystifying the System: Untangling the existing yet unwritten functionalities through system exploration and collaboration, turning ambiguity into clear and documented specifications.
  • Laying the Quality Foundation: Constructing a robust QA system from the ground up, encompassing a defined testing strategy, meticulous planning, efficient design, and sustainable implementation.
  • Embracing Automation: Leveraging tools and automation to tackle repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable resources for deeper testing and maximizing efficiency.

By prioritizing these requirements, the client aimed to establish a sustainable QA framework that would ensure:

  • Clear visibility: Well-documented specifications for everyone to understand and verify.
  • Consistent quality: A defined testing strategy and process for predictable, reliable results.
  • Efficient resource allocation: Automation maximizing impact while minimizing testing personnel needs.


To ensure meeting the requirements and objectives of the client, SHIFT ASIA has proposed the following solutions:

  • Building a Foundation: Our QA experts unearthed and documented the existing yet undocumented system specifications. This established a clear roadmap for testing.
  • A Robust QA System: From scratch, we crafted a comprehensive QA system encompassing strategy, planning, design, and implementation. This provided a sustainable framework for ongoing quality control.
  • Smart Automation: Utilizing a hybrid approach, we automated repetitive tasks with tools like Selenium and SHIFT’s CAT platform while manually tackling complex scenarios. This maximized coverage with minimal resource allocation.

Technology Stack:

  • CAT (SHIFT’s Test Management Tool)
  • Jenkins
  • Selenium
  • Allure


  • Dramatically Decreased Bugs: The implemented QA system and automation significantly reduced bug occurrences, minimizing user complaints and enhancing patient safety.
  • Improved Efficiency: Optimized testing processes, enabled by automation, freeing up developer resources for new features and innovations.
  • Sustainable Quality: The established QA framework empowered the client to maintain a culture of quality control for long-term platform stability and user satisfaction.

Beyond the Numbers

By prioritizing user-centric testing and automating repetitive tasks, SHIFT ASIA not only improved the technical soundness of the platform but also instilled confidence in both healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of a well-defined and automated testing strategy in the critical domain of healthcare technology.


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