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Top 4 Software Testing Outsourcing Companies 2023 In Review Offshore Development

Jul 28, 2023 JIN

Top 4 Software Testing Outsourcing Companies 2023 In Review

Quality assurance testing is an integral component of the software development process; however, as technology continually advances across industries, digital solutions such as mobile apps and web applications require progressively sophisticated tactics to assure top-level performance. Today’s experienced software testers must mingle between their expertise along with cutting-edge tools when assessing IT systems for potential flaws or inconsistencies before the final products reach consumers.

Are you feeling in the dark about software testing? This blog shall provide an in-depth overview of fundamental principles around software testing and our take on the overall review of the four top companies worth considering for your business in 2023. Let’s dive in, shall we?

What is software quality testing?

A crucial step in developing and releasing software products, software testing is a process of evaluating and correcting the functionality of the features, ensuring they meet all requirements while providing an optimal user experience. It involves evaluation methods that combine scientific logic with creative problem-solving to address any issues or modifications needed for successful execution.

However, is software testing skippable? Which problems will be solved, or which aspects will be adjusted while conducting software testing?

Software quality assurance
Software Quality Assurance is an essential practice to monitor software engineering processes, including standards and procedures serving to audit and review the work products before their release to the public.

Software testing and its benefits

Improving productivity & product quality

Software testing is an invaluable tool for enhancing the quality and productivity of a product. Through rigorous checking, any unexpected bugs can be identified and fixed before launch, ensuring that all requirements are met, safeguarding enterprises from faulty code which could cause issues with compatibility or require costly extra effort to fix them after entering the market later on.

Money savings

It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but software testing can save companies considerable money. By detecting bugs prior to release, not only is the product quality established, high costs such as patch fixes and upgrades shall be avoided intentionally or kept to a minimum; likewise, customer support associated with post-release bug issues reduces drastically.

Strengthening customer trust and satisfaction

Reap the rewards of investing in quality software testing to strengthen customer trust and satisfaction. By putting the product through its paces, businesses can ensure that it meets their exact specifications and provides users with a much safer and better experience – one of the key pillars of success, which ultimately help foster trust between customers and businesses.

Despite these benefits, however, a few organizations struggle due to cost or insufficient techniques when it comes time for testing; this is where specialist software testers come into play. These professionals work closely with firms so they can remain focused on development while at the same time assuring that every stage of quality control has been undertaken properly.

However, considering the potential costs or technical barriers, a few organizations may refrain from pursuing this important process. This is where specialist software testers come into play, and outsourcing these professional software testing services can assist companies with their needs. They no longer have to compromise time or expense by guaranteeing product excellence through robust testing processes with Offshore IT services!

Offshore software testing services - the most favorite option

There are plenty of benefits in terms of Outsourcing IT services from other vendors that we have shortly gone through in our previous blog at The big debate: should you outsource your IT or keep it in-house? Here are the top 3 reasons solely why businesses often seek offshore software testing services:


Although supposed to be a redundant and excessive expense, software testing outsourcing, in reality, optimizes not only your time but also your budget in human resources and other physical costs such as system infrastructures, maintenance, and monitoring.


Thanks to professional software testing companies with their experiences and specified teams in testing methodologies equipped with full-stack testing tools, the software testing process is often conducted in a notably shorter amount of time, resulting in faster time-to-market.

Software testing service offers an invaluable opportunity to gain insight from outside sources, allowing your company to identify unpredictable elements that may be overlooked by internal developers being jam-packed with their schedules and deadlines. The 2021 Global DevSecOps Survey of GitLab revealed startling evidence; with the majority of defects not caught in-house, objective third-party inspection is essential for detecting them all.

Test Variety

Last but not least, software testing companies provide unsurpassed access to experienced experts specializing in functional and non-functional testing. With a comprehensive selection from Performance testing to Functional testing, Security testing, Exploratory testing, etc., your software shall be tested thoroughly & precisely, resulting in the highest quality version made exclusively for your business.

Moreover, software testing companies keep themselves updated with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices, enabling them to apply your project’s most effective testing strategies. They employ various approaches, including:

  • Test cases: Meticulously designed and executed scenarios to verify the functionality and behavior of software applications.
  • API testing: Ensuring the smooth functioning and integration of application programming interfaces (APIs) by validating their functionality, performance, and security.
  • Compatibility testing: Ensuring a software application functions correctly across different devices, platforms, operating systems, and browsers.
  • Mobile app testing: Ensuring that mobile applications meet quality standards and deliver a seamless user experience.
  • Application testing: Assessing functionality, performance, and usability to ensure software applications meet quality standards.
  • Usability testing: Evaluating a software application’s ease of use and user-friendliness.
  • Localization testing: Ensuring a software application functions correctly and is culturally appropriate for different target markets and languages.
  • Security testing: Focusing on identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in software systems to protect sensitive data and guard against potential security breaches.

In addition, software testing companies understand the importance of data privacy and specialize in privacy policy testing. They assess the implementation of privacy policies within your software, ensuring that user data is handled securely and complies with relevant regulations.

Software testing service
Creating a Powerful and Productive Quality Assurance and Testing Team

Top software testing companies for QA outsourcing

Why is QA Testing Being Outsourced?

Frankly speaking, software testing is getting out of hand. Meaning that the organization does not have the expertise, resources, or time to carry out such tasks on its own. The better alternative in this scenario is having the whole software quality assurance process outsourced by a team of independent software quality testers, third-party vendors, or private firms.

These testers own a unique combination of skill sets to have the software products tested vigorously, from its usability, functionality, and performance to the security aspect of it. Constant staying up to date with the tech trends, learning new techniques, practices and systems to stay ahead of the software testing service game is no joke, it requires true dedication and discipline which are the primary characteristics of a software tester warrior.

Establishing an efficient, decent in-house software testing and quality assurance team needs a tremendous amount of time and a big number of budgets (and I meant BIG in the capital case). Therefore, don’t take these software testing outsourcing decisions lightly, as they affect your financial state significantly. The current market for software testing outsourcing services is quite a catch. With plenty of big fish in the sea, doing your research and opting in with the best option out there would make you better off than struggling to get your in-house team ready in a short period of time.

Top 4 software testing companies for QA Services


As Your Partner for Quality, we aspire to revolutionize software testing with excellence and innovation through SHIFTASIA Consulting Services.Ryusuke Ito, CEO of SHIFT ASIA

SHIFT ASIA, a subsidiary of SHIFT Inc. from Japan and part of the ISTQB Partner Program as a Platinum Partner in 2020, is rapidly solidifying its industry leadership with recognition as one of 2021’s top Software Testing Companies on GoodFirms. Specializing in software quality assurance, testing, and development, SHIFT ASIA embraces Japanese standards to provide customers with reliable solutions while delivering high-quality products that embody agility within the IT industry across the globe.

From experienced software testing consultants to full-stack developers, SHIFT ASIA provides advanced IT solutions and software testing consultancy that integrate the highest quality standards, certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. Their dedication and thoroughness make them a go-to partner for ambitious tech businesses looking to expand into new markets worldwide.

NetSet Software Solutions

With extensive years of experience, NetSet Software Solutions is a reliable partner for software testing. In 2018 the company earned ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001 certifications, signifying its commitment to modern digital product development. NetSet has many positive reviews on popular websites like Clutch, GoodFirms, TopDevelopers, Upwork, etc.

Virtual Electronics

A Singapore-based IT company specializing in the Asian, European, and North American markets, Virtual Electronics offers comprehensive software development services ranging from tech outsourcing to custom mobile app design. Through their expansive partner network of highly skilled CIS professionals, they strive to ensure success for their customers with each project.

Oodles Technologies

With over a decade of industry experience, Oodles Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified software testing company. It provides various categories of tailored solutions to suit your needs, such as Software Development Services, Data Services, Metaverse Innovation & Consulting, and Digital Trivergance. Leveraging its presence across Singapore, India, and the US, it will be a reliable partner for you when designing successful test strategies.

Software testing is an unskippable step in product development and comes with defined benefits, including improving productivity and product quality, money savings, and strengthening customer trust and satisfaction. However, many companies nowadays favor offshore outsourcing due to limited expenses, resources, and techniques. If you ever seek help from outsiders, the top 4 software testing outsourcing companies mentioned above are worth considering. Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comment section below! Otherwise, we’ll see you again in our next blog.


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